Blast Airdrop Disparity: PacMoon Holders Outpace dApps in Jackpot Earnings

Blast airdrop participants are expressing frustration as PacMoon holders outpace dApps’ earnings in just one week compared to two months.

On May 8, Ethereum Layer 2 Blast conducted its fourth jackpot drawing, awarding a whopping 965,589 Gold to the PacMoon community, marking the largest distribution yet.

PacMoon, the primary memecoin within the Blast ecosystem based on total market capitalization, secured its second jackpot win. To date, PacMoon holders have accumulated a total of 1,342,378 Gold, exceeding the combined allocations of all other jackpot winners by more than fivefold.

The situation has stirred controversy, particularly as many major PacMoon holders are influential figures on Crypto Twitter, having previously received substantial distributions of $PAC during a rewards program earlier this year.

Furthermore, the two significant distributions to PacMoon have surpassed the total Gold distributed to some of the leading dApps in the Blast ecosystem. For instance, Wasabi Protocol, a prominent perpetuals exchange and NFT fractionalization platform on Blast, received 224,000 Gold in its initial allocation and approximately 505,000 Gold in its second.

Despite being among the top 10 dApps on Blast in terms of total value locked (TVL), early users of Wasabi have received just over half the Gold allocation compared to PacMoon holders.

While it’s anticipated that dApp ecosystems like Wasabi will eventually receive their own jackpot winnings, the initial heavily skewed distributions have left many Blast participants feeling disheartened and questioning the ecosystem’s perceived fairness.


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