Jellyverse Unveils DeFi 3.0: Tokenized Real-World Assets and Airdrop Campaign

This week, Jellyverse, a comprehensive DeFi ecosystem, unveiled the debut of its decentralized exchange, JellySwap, along with the rollout of Sei Network on its mainnet. Acting as the official fork of Balancer protocol, Sei Network introduces real-world assets (RWAs) into the broader DeFi landscape.

In an effort to diversify trading options, JellySwap will enable trading of tokenized real-world assets like stocks, ETFs, and commodities. Leveraging Balancer’s high throughput architecture, JellySwap promises users a versatile trading ecosystem, offering various pool designs including weighted pools with up to eight tokens, stable pools for correlated assets, and more.

Alongside JellySwap, Jellyverse will launch its staking platform, JellyStake, empowering users to earn rewards while securing the platform. The partnership between Jellyverse and Balancer aims to revolutionize DeFi innovation on Sei, offering unique opportunities for users within the ecosystem.

JellySwap, serving as the native platform for Jellyverse’s token, Jelly Token ($JLY), will function as a decentralized portfolio management platform and liquidity provider. Additionally, JellyStake allows users to stake $JLY tokens for rewards and increased voting power, powered by inflation and protocol-generated fees.

Moreover, Jellyverse will introduce synthetic assets, jAssets, backed by crypto and stablecoins, reflecting the prices of real-world assets. This initiative aims to provide users with indirect access to traditional assets and enhanced diversification opportunities.

Selecting Sei Network as its blockchain of choice is attributed to its efficiency and essential infrastructure, boasting fast block settlement times and low transaction fees. Backed by prominent crypto VCs like Circle, Sei Network instills confidence among users.

Jellyverse’s groundbreaking initiative, DeFi 3.0, marks a pivotal moment with the tokenization of real-world assets. This innovation addresses a longstanding challenge in the DeFi ecosystem and introduces synthetic tokens mirroring real-world price feeds, including stocks, commodities, and ETFs.

Finally, Jellyverse announces an airdrop campaign, distributing up to 1.7 million $JLY tokens to over 30,000 participants. The campaign incentivizes engagement on Jellyverse’s social media channels and the retweeting of the airdrop tweet on the platform’s X (formerly Twitter) page.


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