Moonbirds NFTs: Revitalizing Through Artistic Renewal and Metaverse Integration

The once-popular NFT collection Moonbirds is aiming to rejuvenate its declining popularity by embracing a new artistic direction, discontinuing its Creative Commons (CC0) copyright licensing, and immersing itself in Yuga Labs’ metaverse, Otherside.

In a recent announcement, the Moonbirds X account emphasized the necessity of owning a character within the collection, signaling a shift from the CC0 era to a model where commercial rights are granted exclusively to Moonbird owners.

This update propelled Moonbirds to new heights, with its floor price surging from 0.57 ETH ($1,800) to 0.74 ETH ($2,350) within 24 hours, accompanied by a flurry of transactions.

Leading the project’s artistic evolution is Colin Hesterly, a co-founder of Moonbirds and Senior Art Director at Yuga Labs. In a video titled the Moonbird Chronicles, Hesterly expressed optimism about the project’s future, highlighting the transition from darkness to a brighter horizon.

The decision to terminate Creative Commons licensing comes nearly two years after co-founder Kevin Rose’s unexpected announcement in August 2022, signaling a new phase aligned with the values of web3.

Yuga Labs, once a thriving $4 billion ecosystem, has experienced a significant downturn, leading to substantial restructuring efforts. With a renewed focus on Otherside, its metaverse endeavor, the company is redirecting its resources.

Following Yuga Labs’ acquisition of Moonbirds and other Proof Collective assets in February, Kevin Rose underscored the synergies between Moonbirds and Otherside, recognizing the opportunity to amplify Moonbirds within the Yuga ecosystem.

Moonbirds is also exploring the realm of physical collectibles, drawing inspiration from the success of projects like Pudgy Penguins, which have made inroads into retail stores like Walmart across the United States.


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