Clash of Visions: Adam Back vs. Luka Dashjr on Bitcoin Ordinals

Blockstream CEO Adam Back responded to Bitcoin core developer Luka Dashjr’s push to eliminate Bitcoin Ordinals, asserting that Dashjr couldn’t prevent “JPEGs on Bitcoin.”

Dashjr expressed concern about Bitcoin Ordinals exploiting a flaw in Bitcoin Core, leading to network congestion. He aimed to resolve this before the v27 update, targeting Ordinals and BRC-20.

Bitcoin Core users previously limited data size in transactions with “-datacarriersize.” Ordinals circumvent this by posing data as program code, bypassing the limit.

Back criticized Dashjr’s plan, asserting that efforts to halt Ordinals might worsen matters, advocating for Layer 2 adoption. Dashjr disagreed, emphasizing the need to explore before rejecting concepts.

Some support Back’s view, linking Ordinals to increased miner profits. Dashjr clarified that Bitcoin relies on a consensus among honest miners, safeguarding the blockchain.

Reports suggest a surge in daily inscriptions, trading volumes, and gas fees, fueling demand for Bitcoin Ordinals.


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