CoinDCX’s Okto Chain Launch: OKTO Token Airdrop and DeFi Advancements

CoinDCX’s DeFi arm, Okto, is gearing up to launch the Okto Chain along with its native token, OKTO, with the promise of significant rewards for early adopters through an airdrop campaign.

The announcement marks another milestone for CoinDCX, a leading crypto exchange in India, as it ventures into the DeFi space with OKTO, the native token of its Okto platform. This move accompanies the introduction of the Okto Chain, a groundbreaking advancement poised to revolutionize blockchain technology. Okto Chain aims to simplify the complexities of the web3 ecosystem, democratizing access to decentralized finance.

Sumit Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO of CoinDCX, emphasized the company’s commitment to prioritizing users’ needs. This philosophy drove CoinDCX’s efforts to foster broader participation in the decentralized economy, starting with the introduction of Okto Wallet, a cutting-edge crypto wallet solution.

Neeraj Khandelwal, Co-Founder of CoinDCX & Okto, highlighted the journey leading up to the unveiling of Okto Chain. He discussed the challenges faced during the development of Okto Wallet and its pivotal role in laying the groundwork for subsequent innovations, including the Okto Web3 SDK.

The Okto Web3 SDK represents a significant leap forward in embedded wallet technology, empowering developers to leverage the full potential of Web3, decentralization, and smart contracts. The Okto Chain, powered by the OKTO token, promises to usher in a new era of interoperability and seamless user experiences in the web3 space.

To celebrate the launch, CoinDCX has announced a major token airdrop as part of Season 1 of the Okto Wallet points program. Users engaging in on-chain transactions will be rewarded with Okto points, with existing self-custody wallets receiving bonus points. Early users of Okto Wallet stand to benefit from a substantial 7% airdrop of the OKTO token, encouraging participation in the Okto points program.

With the OKTO token launch and airdrop campaign, CoinDCX aims to incentivize user engagement and drive adoption of the Okto ecosystem, positioning OKTO as a cornerstone for network security and growth.


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