FSL Launches STEPN GO on App Store with Alpha Draw for Sneaker NFTs

Following its successful debut on the Google Play Store, FSL has now launched STEPN GO on the App Store. This innovative social lifestyle app, developed by the creators of the groundbreaking ‘Move and Earn’ app STEPN, merges gaming elements with social interactions.

Alpha Draw for Sneaker NFTs

The initial phase of STEPN GO introduces the Alpha Draw, where users can participate to earn exclusive Sneaker NFTs. These NFTs will later serve as a gateway for users to earn the new GO GAME TOKEN (GGT) through activities like walking, jogging, and running.

Innovative Features and Integration

Building on the achievements of STEPN, which integrated Apple Pay in May 2023 as the first blockchain gaming app to do so, STEPN GO continues to prioritize accessibility and innovation. This integration streamlined the user experience by enabling in-app purchases without the need for wallet connections.

Designed to offer an engaging fitness journey, STEPN GO features the user-friendly Haus System for easy onboarding. This system allows users to lend Sneakers to friends and family, simplifying the app’s accessibility for newcomers. By engaging in physical activities with their Sneakers, users can earn the GO GAME TOKEN (GGT). Future updates will introduce a PvP game feature for earning GMT, the token of the FSL Ecosystem, along with customizable avatars and outfits displayed on an interactive in-app map.

Community and Engagement Opportunities

Jerry Huang, Co-Founder of FSL, highlighted, “With the launch of STEPN GO on the App Store, we aim to simplify onboarding for web2 users by eliminating the need for crypto knowledge. Our Haus System enables users to share Sneakers, lowering entry barriers and fostering an inclusive community.”

During the ongoing Alpha Draw within the STEPN GO app, users stand a chance to win sets of exclusive STEPN GO Shoe Boxes through daily raffles. These include Soul-Bound Sneakers, granting winners exclusive access to STEPN GO’s Alpha Testing phase.

Yawn Rong, Co-Founder of FSL, commented, “The integration of Apple Pay into STEPN was a significant milestone, enhancing user convenience. Moving forward, we look forward to collaborating with Apple to bring further innovations to STEPN GO.”


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