Pulsr Unveils $PULSR Token: Revolutionizing NFT Discovery in Web3

Pulsr, an AI-driven NFT search engine, is set to unveil its new token, $PULSR, on Thursday, April 25 at 11:30am EST. This token launch is pivotal for Pulsr’s mission to enhance visibility for on-chain assets across the Web3 landscape.

Founded in 2021, Pulsr identifies significant gaps in NFT discovery as platforms struggle to index collectibles across various blockchains and mediums. This fragmentation forces creators to invest time and effort in building separate communities on different social networks, while newly minted pieces face algorithmic challenges, and audiences struggle to discover content aligned with their interests.

Backed by prominent investors like Spartan Ventures and Sequoia, Pulsr leverages artificial intelligence to enrich the metadata of past and present NFTs. This innovation allows for accurate analysis, labeling, and conceptualization of visual and audio content into searchable text, ushering in a new era of search engine optimization.

Previously elusive searches for affordable pixel art, penguin-themed NFTs, or techno-inspired on-chain art now yield results as Pulsr scours the entirety of Web3. Users can explore exciting collections based on their preferences, connect with like-minded collectors, and bookmark inspiring NFTs.

Pulsr also offers NAME (NFT Automated Metadata Enhancement), where creators can opt-in to generate detailed metadata labels using AI-enabled computer vision before minting their collections. This enhances searchability in marketplaces by covering attributes like materials, style, colors, and shapes.

Founder Maxine Ryan emphasizes Pulsr’s role in increasing NFT adoption and supporting content creators in the multi-chain, multi-medium world of digital art.

$PULSR token serves as the backbone of Pulsr’s ecosystem, offering utility and exclusive perks to holders. Tokens can be earned through platform usage or other ecosystem services. Additionally, fees are paid for boosting NFT visibility, with marketplaces paying commissions for sales generated through Pulsr traffic.

Holders of $PULSR enjoy benefits such as access to events, curated merch, feature suggestions, and voting rights. The tokenomics also involve burning tokens gradually as contracts expire, creating scarcity and value over time.

Interest in Pulsr’s launch and token event has garnered support from Solana-based communities, signaling a growing enthusiasm for Web3-wide NFT discovery.

Maxine Ryan envisions Pulsr’s ecosystem as a win-win-win scenario, benefiting collectors, creators, and NFT marketplaces alike. As the digital renaissance unfolds, Pulsr aims to curate a lasting record of imaginative and thought-provoking works, enriching the Web3 landscape for years to come.


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