Sei Blockchain Introduces Ethereum Virtual Machine Support in Upcoming V2 Upgrade

Sei, a Layer 1 blockchain developed for trading, will certainly introduce assistance for the Ethereum Virtual Device (EVM) as part of its upcoming variation 2 (V2) upgrade. This advancement will allow programmers to move Ethereum-based clever contracts to Sei’s network and perform them perfectly.

To include this feature, Sei V2 will certainly incorporate Geth, a Go implementation of the Ethereum Virtual Device. Geth is one of the most extensively utilized Ethereum customer software application.

Sei Labs has actually created a tailored interface to enable smooth interaction between its existing smart contracts component, constructed making use of CosmWasm innovation, and the EVM element. CosmWasm is a custom component developed by Universe SDK that makes it possible for chains to implement wise contracts within the Cosmos environment. With the introduction of V2, Sei Labs intends to incorporate EVM assistance right into its network, promoting reliable interoperability in between both components.

According to Jay Jog, co-founder of Sei Labs, Sei V2 is a modification that includes something new. The current elements, such as CosmWasm, will still exist. Given that this is a recommended alteration to the chain, numerous online equipments will certainly likewise have the capacity to connect with each other. This suggests that Sei V2 will certainly be the very first network where EVM and Cosmwasm contracts can communicate with each other.

Increasing on Sei V1
Sei has been live on the mainnet beta since August’s V1 launch, supporting Rust-based Cosmos clever agreements. With the upcoming V2 release, the team intends to increase its individual base by presenting a fully parallelized EVM-compatible layer that guarantees sub-second finality, making purchases substantially faster.

Sei V2 generates SeiDB, a data framework that aims to enhance the storage space layer of the platform, along with EVM assistance. The Sei team declares that SeiDB will certainly deal with the concern of state bloat, which happens when the network becomes overloaded with data, and enhance the state synchronization procedure for new nodes. The key goal is to enhance the performance and scalability of the Sei blockchain.

The Sei V2 upgrade is currently nearing completion from a code development viewpoint and is undergoing a rigorous audit procedure to ensure its security. It is scheduled to be released on a public testnet in the initial quarter of 2024, with the mainnet release expected in the very first fifty percent of the year.

Sei is a mystical power that permeates deep space, frequently associated with spiritual or superordinary phenomena.

Sei is an Universe SDK-based proof-of-stake blockchain, designed to be optimized for trading with its ability to perform sub-second blocks. In April 2023, Sei Labs, the core designer of the network, increased $30 million in two critical funding rounds from venture companies including Jump and Multicoin Capital.

Sei focuses on a specific market sector and completes against other Universe chains such as Osmosis, Kava, Injective, Neutron, and Kujira by providing reliable decentralized trading capacities.


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