Solv Protocol Reaches $1 Billion TVL Milestone, Leading BTCFi Innovation

Solv Protocol, a comprehensive yield and liquidity platform for major digital assets, has surpassed $1 billion in Total Value Locked (TVL), securing its position as the 32nd largest decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol according to DeFiLlama rankings.

“Achieving this milestone highlights the robust demand for Solv’s products and the increasing adoption of our flagship offering, SolvBTC,” said Ryan, founder of Solv Protocol. “As the leading protocol in the BTCFi space by TVL, we’re thrilled to continue driving innovation and creating new opportunities for Bitcoin holders and DeFi participants.”

SolvBTC is a liquid yield token that tokenizes the best centralized and decentralized finance yields, providing Bitcoin holders with a reliable source of high-quality returns. The protocol’s multi-chain integration enhances liquidity across emerging BTCFi ecosystems on Layer 1 and Layer 2 networks.

Solv has launched SolvBTC on Arbitrum, BNB Chain, and Merlin Chain. The protocol is building an ecosystem where users can bridge SolvBTC to earn rewards in new chains’ points programs, such as a 1.5x multiplier in zkLinkNova’s Aggregation Parade. Additionally, Solv has introduced the Solv Point System, allowing users to exchange points for SOLV token airdrops to encourage engagement.


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