Telefonica and Nova Labs Collaborate to Expand Connectivity with Helium Hotspots in Mexico

Telefonica, ranked as the 27th largest telecommunications company globally, has partnered with Nova Labs to introduce Helium mobile hotspots in Mexico. This collaboration is designed to improve connectivity and offer reliable internet access to underserved communities in the country, a move aimed at bridging the digital divide.

Under the partnership, Telefonica plans to deploy numerous Helium mobile hotspots across key areas like Mexico City and Oaxaca. The Helium network, developed on blockchain technology by Nova Labs, is designed to provide secure and decentralized connectivity. Helium’s mobile hotspots operate on the unique proof-of-coverage concept within the Helium blockchain network. Users hosting these hotspots contribute to network coverage and receive incentives in the form of Helium cryptocurrency, HNT.

The value of HNT has surged over 16% today, reaching $6.97. This increase follows a 50% rally when Helium expanded its mobile service nationwide in the U.S. by leveraging T-Mobile’s network in December.

The Telefonica-Nova Labs collaboration represents a significant stride in expanding internet access in Mexico, particularly for individuals and businesses in remote areas. Maria Alvarez, CEO of Telefonica Mexico, highlighted that deploying these hotspots will unlock new possibilities for those in underserved areas.

Telefonica, boasting 383 million customers and a market capitalization of $23.7 billion, collaborated with Nova Labs to create a solution based on the OpenWifi standard developed by the Telecom Infra Project (TIP). This solution allows select Movistar customers in Mexico to access the Helium Mobile Network using their Movistar SIM cards for authentication.


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