XR One: Revolutionizing Gaming with Blockchain Technology

The XR Foundation, in collaboration with Saltwater Games, is thrilled to introduce the launch of XR One, a blockchain platform dedicated to gaming.

With grant funding from the Arbitrum Foundation, the Saltwater.Labs team has co-developed the Layer 3 Orbit chain, utilizing Arbitrum’s ecosystem of technologies. XR One will operate on its native $XR token, with Saltwater Games’ roadmap aiming to incorporate multiple live-ops web3 titles in 2024 and 2025.

XR One signifies a significant advancement in gaming, leveraging scalable web3 technologies to provide immersive, community-driven gaming experiences. Utilizing Offchain Labs’ state-of-the-art Arbitrum Nitro technology, XR One promises top-tier performance and security benefits while setting a new standard for interactive entertainment.

At its core, XR One is dedicated to innovation, impact, and inclusivity, empowering players to shape the gaming landscape through their engagement and contributions. Initially focusing on Saltwater Games’ titles, XR One Chain will offer a vast gaming network where players can immerse themselves in competitive gaming, earn rewards, and influence game development and publishing roadmaps.

Chris Abbott, Chief Strategy Officer of Saltwater Games, emphasizes that XR One is more than just a blockchain; it’s a platform dedicated to advancing competitive gaming. By integrating web3 technologies and leveraging Arbitrum’s technology, XR One delivers an immersive and player-centric gaming ecosystem.

$XR serves as the native token of the XR ecosystem, facilitating marketplace transactions, providing access to gameplay features, and enabling governance. Gamers are incentivized with $XR rewards for participation and engagement, while content creators can utilize SDKs and tools to build new game content and earn rewards.

Len Findlay, CEO of Saltwater Games, envisions XR One as the future of gaming, where players have a genuine stake in the games they love. The partnership between Saltwater Games and The XR Foundation aims to create unforgettable gaming experiences and redefine interactive entertainment.

Join XR One Chain and Saltwater Games in exploring the future of gaming and becoming part of a community that’s reshaping interactive entertainment. Visit Saltwater Games to learn more about XR One and participate in The XR Foundation’s vision for the gaming industry.


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