Project Matthew: Enter the Realm of Space Building Simulation

Today, BinaryX unveiled the highly awaited debut of their inaugural Initial Game Offering (IGO) for the year, unveiling Project Matthew. This groundbreaking space-building simulation game immerses players in the cosmic realm of the planet Matthew, providing an unparalleled experience of space work and living.

Unlike traditional astronaut roles, players assume the roles of builders and engineers, tasked with transforming space into a habitable environment for a budding civilization.

Empowerment Through ERC-404 NFT Tokens

Project participants can acquire fractionalized ERC-404 NFTs, offering a gateway to owning in-game land, weaponry, and essential resources. These tokens not only ensure liquidity but also pave the way for diverse ownership possibilities, including shared land, structures, and assets. By integrating ERC-404 tokens, the game fosters collaboration, community engagement, and widens accessibility to a broader audience while maintaining the allure of exclusive in-game NFT ownership.

The Epic Narrative of Project Matthew: Embark on a Space Odyssey

Venture into the realm of Matthew, a celestial body teeming with potential for sustaining life. As trailblazers of space habitation, players will craft and oversee industrial complexes, conduct resource mining expeditions, deploy robots for labor and combat, and erect sprawling space metropolises from the ground up.

Command a Digital Legion

Players can assemble a formidable robotic army endowed with diverse skills and capabilities, engaging adversaries across various battlegrounds to reap bountiful rewards. The game offers escalating levels of challenge, with greater difficulties yielding richer spoils.

Embark on Interstellar Exploration

Unveil untold riches and unearth vital resources by embarking on expeditions across neighboring and distant planets within the Project Matthew universe.

Julio, Head of Investments at BinaryX, commented, “Project Matthew marks our premier IGO initiative for the first half of 2024. We envisioned offering players an authentic taste of space living and labor, making this game the pioneer in delivering a semi-realistic Web3 simulation experience. We’re thrilled and fully committed to supporting additional high-quality games like Project Matthew on our IGO platform throughout 2024.”


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