Bonk Inu ($BONK) Soars to All-Time High on Coinbase and Solana Boost

Bonk Inu’s (BONK) price surged to an all-time high (ATH) largely fueled by support from Coinbase and its strong association with Solana (SOL). Valued around $900 million, BONK now ranks 75th in the overall crypto market and holds the 3rd spot in the memecoin category. Its recent price surge is tied in part to SOL’s remarkable performance.

Bonk Inu’s (BONK) Achieves a New All-Time High Boosted by Coinbase and Solana The memecoin project Bonk Inu’s native token, BONK, continues its buzz in the crypto sphere. This Solana-based altcoin hit a record high today, soaring to 0.00001518 dollars, marking an all-time high. Data highlights an astounding 13,600% surge in the altcoin’s price over the last year, a remarkable 272-fold increase. Additionally, recent data shows a 650% surge in the past month alone, a 13-fold increase. The sharp uptick in BONK’s price can be credited to its listing on the major US-based crypto exchange, Coinbase. As the exchange included the altcoin in its roster, it cautioned about potential limitations on its tradeability in certain supported regions, following its inclusion in the listing roadmap.

Another contributing factor to BONK’s impressive performance may be directly linked to Solana. SOL, the native token of the Solana network, has been a standout performer among altcoins, recently surpassing the $70 mark. Data underscores a 600% rise in its price since the year’s commencement. Emergence as the 3rd Largest Memecoin BONK’s achievement of a new ATH has significantly boosted its market value, reaching a staggering $900 million. This places it as the 75th largest cryptocurrency in the market and now holds the notable position of being the 3rd largest within the memecoin segment. Presently, Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) lead the memecoin category.


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