Jellyverse Revolutionizes DeFi with Innovative Ecosystem and JellySwap DEX

Jellyverse, a community-centered DeFi platform, has unveiled its Jellyverse ecosystem along with the launch of JellySwap, its decentralized exchange (DEX) representing Balancer on the Sei blockchain.

This comprehensive platform comprises JellySwap DEX, JellyStake staking solution, and the innovative synthetics protocol named jAssets.

Revolutionizing DeFi with its integration of diverse tools, Jellyverse introduces DeFi 3.0 through jAssets, offering novel avenues for portfolio diversification. Among its pioneering protocols is JellySwap, a Balancer-friendly fork featuring ‘WeightedPools’ supporting up to eight tokens and ‘composable stable pools’ allowing users to tailor investment ratios with up to five tokens per pool. JellyStake incentivizes community engagement in governance, rewarding stakers with protocol revenues. Meanwhile, jAssets enables the creation of tokens mirroring real-world assets’ price feeds, spanning from stocks to commodities.

To celebrate the launch of Jellyverse, the platform hosts its inaugural Pool Party event, featuring a distinctive token offering mechanism for community members to acquire Jelly Tokens ($JLY). Commencing on June 11th at 12pm UTC for 96 hours or until tokens are depleted, participants can purchase JLY with SEI tokens, which are then pooled with additional JLY to establish initial pool liquidity.

Santiago Sabater, Co-Founder at Jelly Labs AG, expressed the platform’s mission to redefine DeFi by bridging it with real-world assets, ensuring resilient growth irrespective of market trends. He emphasized JellySwap and jAssets’ potential to set a new standard for enhanced portfolio diversification within the crypto sphere.

Tritium, Balancer Maxi and Head of DevOps, highlighted the collaboration with Jellyverse, citing the platform’s proactive approach and shared connections with the SEI Foundation as pivotal factors in Balancer’s decision to explore friendly fork proposals for cross-chain expansion. Jellyverse emerges as the first to launch a friendly fork in this cycle, showcasing its commitment to innovation and collaboration within the DeFi landscape.


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