TapiocaDAO Announces TAP Token Launch Auction on June 11th

The LayerZero-powered Omnichain Stablecoin Ecosystem, TapiocaDAO, has revealed the date for its highly anticipated Token Launch Auction, set for June 11th. The announcement was made in collaboration with LayerZero Labs on their X platform.

After two years of dedicated development, TapiocaDAO, an innovative Omnichain Stablecoin ecosystem built on LayerZero V2, is ready to launch. The protocol features USDO, an over-collateralized, decentralized stablecoin designed to be interoperable and scalable, resisting censorship while enabling borrowing, leveraging, and lending assets across different chains. TapiocaDAO is also notable for its unique call option incentive model, which introduces a new approach to DeFi token economics.

The Genesis of TapiocaDAO will commence with a Token Launch Auction for its TAP token on the Arbitrum network, utilizing a Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP). For detailed information on the TAP token, refer to the Mirror article by Tapioca’s founder, twMatt.


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