Forgotten Playland raises $7M to build a next generation social party gameEmbark on Whimsical Adventures in Forgotten Playland

Vermilion Studios is thrilled to announce the successful conclusion of a $7 million funding round, marking a significant milestone in the development of their revolutionary social party game, Forgotten Playland.

This unique venture, a collaboration between gaming giant Duckland Games and the blockchain experts at Merit Circle DAO, positions itself as a frontrunner among the highly anticipated web3 titles of 2024.

Forgotten Playland, born out of Vermilion Studios’ passion for creating a playground for abandoned toys, has been a labor of love for the team. The game gained considerable traction in the minigame format, reaching new heights after unveiling the first playable version at the Merit Circle DAO’s community event in Amsterdam on May 19, 2023, which received widespread acclaim.

Scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2024, Forgotten Playland already boasts confirmed minigames like Bump-A-Ball and Jungle Rumble, with additional games actively in the development phase.

In Bump-A-Ball, a thrilling competition unfolds with 2 to 4 players battling on a wooden table platform. As saw blades gradually reduce the platform size, players must skillfully balance offensive and defensive tactics to be the last one standing amidst intense competition.

Jungle Rumble presents players with a vibrant jungle-themed environment, where they navigate obstacles and each other to emerge as the last Plushie standing. The chaotic mix of smashing hammers, blowing fans, and fire-spitting dinosaurs creates an unpredictable adventure that intensifies with every passing second.

The $7 million funding round saw participation from Merit Circle, Paper Ventures, Spartan Group, and C2 Ventures.

Marco van den Heuvel, CGO at Merit Circle, expresses, “Forgotten Playland is a project close to our hearts. Co-developing our own game is a dream come true, and we’re thrilled to make it the flagship game of the Merit Circle DAO. Our vision extends beyond the game, as we believe there are numerous opportunities with the IP of Forgotten Playland. We invite you to explore the attic, the homeland of our forgotten toys, and enjoy the upcoming minigames.”

Danish Chaudhry from Paper Ventures adds, “We are excited to support Forgotten Playland as a co-development project with our partner, Merit Circle DAO. It’s an innovative use of the minigame format that promises to redefine player engagement, especially with subsequent titles in the pipeline.”


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