Heroes of Mavia Launches, Redefining Gaming with Web3 Magic – with $mavia airdrop!

Embark on an exciting journey with Heroes of Mavia, a revolutionary Web3 AAA mobile-based strategy game now accessible on iOS and Android app stores. This launch signifies a groundbreaking fusion of strategic gameplay excitement with the cutting-edge innovations of Web3 technology.

Following a triumphant three-month private beta phase that drew in over 350,000 eager waitlisted enthusiasts, Heroes of Mavia showcases impressive engagement statistics, boasting 12k daily and 45k monthly active users. With an average daily playtime of 24 minutes and a noteworthy 42% day 7 retention rate, the game promises captivating gameplay and compelling content.

To celebrate the much-anticipated launch, Heroes of Mavia introduces the “Mavia Pioneer Airdrop Program – Turbocharged.” Early adopters who download the game before the $MAVIA token launch on February 6th have a unique opportunity to participate in the $MAVIA airdrop, immersing themselves in the realm of Web3 gaming rewards.

The Heroes of Mavia community has witnessed rapid expansion, gaining 45,000 new followers and members on Twitter and Discord channels within just two weeks, underscoring the game’s surging popularity.

Committed to bridging the gap between traditional gaming (Web2) and the emerging era of Web3 gaming, each player is equipped with an in-built on-chain non-custodial wallet, facilitating the minting, purchasing, and trading of unique in-game items (NFTs). This not only elevates the gaming experience but also unveils the dynamic world of Web3.

A recent partnership with solidifies Heroes of Mavia’s presence in the Web2 streaming world, broadening its appeal and influence within the gaming community.

Heroes of Mavia’s distinctive Web3 model is designed for sustainable growth, steering clear of hyperinflation issues often found in play-to-earn projects. This approach ensures a balanced and enriching experience for all players, whether seasoned Web3 enthusiasts or newcomers to this thrilling domain.


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