Imaginary Ones Token Launch: Fueling Web3 Entertainment on Bybit

The announcement of the listing comes hot on the heels of the project’s achievement of over 2 million downloads worldwide for its flagship game, Bubble Rangers.

To fuel its continued growth, the company has successfully closed an oversubscribed funding round, with key investors including Animoca Brands, Polygon Ventures, Cypher Capital, Ed3n Ventures, and MH Ventures.

Bybit, a leading cryptocurrency platform, is gearing up to list Imaginary Ones and its $BUBBLE token on May 14, 2024, at 10:00am (UTC), debuting with a USDT trading pair.

Operating on the Ethereum network, $BUBBLE serves as the governance and utility token driving the Imaginary Ones ecosystem. The token’s utility spans gaming, merchandise, content, and beyond, intertwining real-world assets with web3 tokens. As outlined in the company’s litepaper, $BUBBLE facilitates staking rewards, platform payments, governance decisions, and grants exclusive access to Imaginary Ones products, partnerships, experiences, and events.

Imaginary Ones was co-founded by tech entrepreneurs Clement Chia and David Lee, known for their previous ventures such as OFFSET and OFFEO. Their collaboration with fashion powerhouse HUGO BOSS witnessed unprecedented success, with the entire HUGO x IO NFT collection selling out within a minute. More recently, the company partnered with Samsung Singapore to introduce Samsung-exclusive maps in its Bubble Rangers game.

Reflecting on the journey since 2022, CEO and co-founder Clement Chia highlights Imaginary Ones’ evolution into an IP entertainment ecosystem bridging web3 with everyday brands. He emphasizes the pivotal role of the token in advancing the ecosystem’s growth, citing the listing on Bybit as a significant milestone.

Bybit exchange has officially communicated this development through a blog post on May 9, along with the announcement of a $260,000 listing prize pool to commemorate Imaginary Ones’ upcoming listing. The blog outlines three special events scheduled from May 13th to May 27th, 2024, inviting interested users to register via Bybit.


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