Polymarket Bets on Keith Gill Reaching $1 Billion from GameStop Holdings

A new betting market on Polymarket has seen over $120,000 wagered on Keith Gill potentially making a billion dollars from his GameStop (GME) equity and options holdings.

Market watchers are rallying behind retail trader Keith Gill, predicting he will clear $1 billion on his GameStop (GME) stock positions by Friday. This could become one of the biggest success stories in meme-stock trading history.

Known by his social media aliases @TheRoaringKitty on X (formerly Twitter) and “DeepF*ckingValue” on Reddit, Gill showcased a $583 million position in a Reddit post, revealing $382 million in profit from options and equity positions. GME stock surged 47% to $46 yesterday and soared to $61 in after-hours trading.

Reddit followers quickly calculated that GME needed to rise by just $9 on Friday for Gill to achieve a billion-dollar valuation on his holdings.

Polymarket’s betting market on whether Gill will become a billionaire has quickly gained traction. The “Roaring Kitty billionaire by Friday?” market has accumulated $120,000 in bets since launching late Thursday, with “yes” odds reaching 50% early Friday.

“If GME hits $70, the intrinsic value of his position would reach a billion. (5m shares * $70) + (12m shares from calls * ($70 – $20 strike)),” explained user “etj103007,” who purchased 15,000 shares in favor.

Another user added, “I believe in Roaring Kitty,” holding 1,000 “yes” shares.

The market will resolve to “yes” if @TheRoaringKitty announces that he is a billionaire or shows a brokerage position worth at least $1 billion by 11:59 PM ET tonight. The resolution source will be information from Gill or his verified social accounts.

Meanwhile, a spoof GME token on the Solana blockchain has recorded nearly $200 million in trading volumes in the past 24 hours, driven largely by Gill’s social media updates. Related meme token Roaring Kitty (KITTY) rose 220%, according to CoinGecko.


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