Memeland Introduces MemeDay: Celebrating Community and Memes in Web3

Memeland, a leading and rapidly growing Web3-focused venture studio, proudly announces the inaugural MemeDay celebration on June 9th. This day is dedicated to highlighting the power of community within the Web3 space.

MemeDay is a lively fusion of meme and Web3 culture, brought to you by the original meme enthusiasts, 9GAG. Together, 9GAG and its Web3 project Memeland boast a combined audience of over 200 million people. As a brand centered on community, Memeland places its members at the forefront while embracing the world of memes. Memes connect us, fostering humor and a sense of belonging, and on June 9th, MemeDay will act as a Festival of Unity, celebrating the power of laughter and shared values.

Inspired by Web3’s annual Bitcoin Pizza Day, which commemorates a significant milestone in the cryptocurrency world, MemeDay aims to establish itself as an annual tradition for the Web3 community. This year’s celebrations will occur simultaneously at 10 different McDonald’s locations worldwide, creating a synchronized global event that celebrates all things memetic.

Choosing McDonald’s as the venue for MemeDay is a nod to Web3 culture, symbolizing resilience and camaraderie. It humorously acknowledges market ups and downs while bringing our community together. MemeDay is set to become a landmark event, showcasing the harmonious blend of meme and Web3 culture and celebrating laughter, creativity, and the spirit of the Memeland community.

Ray Chan, the visionary behind Memeland, has played a crucial role in fostering a new culture within Web3. “MemeDay is more than just a celebration; it’s a manifestation of our community’s strength and unity,” says Ray Chan, CEO of Memeland. “It’s about coming together, sharing a laugh, and reinforcing our connections, both online and offline.”

This event not only celebrates the community’s strength but also pays homage to pop culture and playful engagement. Each regional event will unite community members, echoing the Memeland mantra: “I’m lovin’ MEME!”, a clever twist on a familiar slogan that captures the spirit of Memeland—a combination of nostalgia, novelty, and nautical flair.

Memeland’s impact goes beyond digital interactions, setting a new precedent in the Web3 world, where community-driven initiatives lead to meaningful, real-world interactions and traditions. As we approach MemeDay, Memeland is not just inviting participants; it’s calling on creators, thinkers, and dreamers to join in forging a new chapter in digital community culture.


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