Saga Phones Skyrocket in Demand and Price Amid BONK Token Frenzy

The Saga phones are flying off shelves, with one device snagging an incredible $5000 price tag on eBay, riding the wave of BONK token frenzy. Originally valued around $599, these phones now command a floor price of roughly $2000, with some fetching even higher sums.

Initially slow-moving, sales of the Saga phones have surged, evident in recent eBay data. While most phones are selling at around $2000, a couple have fetched up to $5000, and another went for $3361. These prices are from sellers holding the devices, with others anticipating shipment soon.

The newfound interest stems from the soaring value of the BONK token. Each Saga phone includes 30 million BONK tokens, now worth significantly more than the phone’s original cost. Capitalizing on this, traders are buying up the phones, spiking demand and inflating their price nearly tenfold on platforms like eBay.

The BONK token’s remarkable surge followed its listing on major exchanges like Coinbase and Binance. This announcement, especially by Binance, sparked enthusiasm among token holders, leading to a frenzy around the token.

Beyond the 30 million BONK tokens, Solana’s Saga phone offers added perks like a month’s free access to Helium mobile and a complimentary toy. Additionally, users can reap exclusive benefits and rewards from apps available on Saga’s dApp store.


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