Unconfirmed Reports: Tesla Cybertruck Possibly Accepting Dogecoin (DOGE)

Tesla has made a surprising, albeit unannounced, update on its website allowing potential customers to potentially pay for the new Cybertruck model using Dogecoin (DOGE). Although there’s coding evidence hinting at DOGE integration, there’s no official confirmation, and as of now, this payment option isn’t operational.

This isn’t Tesla’s maiden voyage into Dogecoin acceptance; previously, they enabled Dogecoin payments for a kids’ ATV, resulting in a notable surge in DOGE’s price, although it dipped the following day.

The Cybertruck’s journey has been quite the journey. The first production-ready Cybertruck was finalized in July, nearly four years after its initial announcement and two years after the planned production start. Elon Musk attributed delays to supply chain issues last year, pushing Cybertruck production to 2023.

After several years of setbacks, the Tesla Cybertruck finally made its debut. Musk showcased its towing capacity, bulletproof doors, and speed during a delivery event in Austin, Texas. Some customers received their Cybertrucks at the event, although there were minor issues with opening the doors. Post-event, the company updated the vehicle’s details, pricing, and more on its website.

Elon Musk previously allowed Bitcoin payments for Tesla cars but later retracted this payment method due to environmental concerns.


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