Empowering the Web3 Era: Introducing NOTO Protocol by Freename AG

Freename AG, a leading provider of Web3 domain name services based in Switzerland, has introduced NOTO Protocol, a groundbreaking infrastructure designed to empower participants in the internet industry to manage Web3-internet traffic effectively. NOTO aims to revolutionize the browsing experience for the current 5 billion users by incorporating blockchain technology.

Enabling Interoperability and Managing Collisions

NOTO Protocol is engineered to aid internet industry stakeholders in integrating and managing decentralized web traffic. It ensures full interoperability among Web3 Domains, Namespaces, and Blockchains. This means that Browsers, Wallets, and Search Engines can efficiently handle the increasing volume of Web3 Internet traffic. NOTO ensures that search engines can index Web3 searches, browsers can seamlessly incorporate resolutions from the entire Web3 spectrum without worrying about collisions or blockchain disparities, and wallets can securely facilitate payments across all Web3 domains without conflicts. These advanced capabilities are driven by proprietary technology, utilizing sophisticated algorithms and computing systems.

Enhancing Regulation and Safety in the Web3 Internet

NOTO implements rigorous policies and technological solutions to tackle the challenges of abuse and malicious use within the Web3 Internet. These measures are crucial for addressing security concerns and the lack of comprehensive policies that have hindered the transition from Web2 to Web3 Internet. With NOTO Protocol, this transition process is accelerated, and obstacles are overcome.

Streamlining Web3 Internet Management

NOTO enables internet stakeholders to seamlessly integrate Web3 functionalities into their infrastructure through its Web3-enabled DNS and Protocol APIs. This plug-and-play integration allows entities to support Web3 traffic without encountering risks such as domain name collisions, security vulnerabilities, or DNS misuse.

Davide Vicini, CEO of Freename AG, commented, “NOTO introduces a plug-and-play technology for internet stakeholders to manage Web3 internet traffic across all blockchains and namespaces. With NOTO, we are ushering in a new era of internet usability enhanced by blockchain capabilities.”

About NOTO

NOTO Protocol represents Freename’s top-layer technology empowering Internet stakeholders to seamlessly integrate Web3 traffic.


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